In this post we will see in detail what happens after pressing enter when entering a URL in a browser.

Before we start, let’s quickly look at what a URL is made of.

Libraries in Programming are files that generally contain functionalities that programs can use to perform a specific task such as adding two numbers. In this post, we will see the difference between the two libraries the static and dynamic libraries.

Why using libraries in general

Let’s imagine that we have many files, each with specific functionality that we know will be used by a program. One way to organize all these functionalities is to make a library with all these files, and we can even make libraries with related functionalities so that if we find an error we can solve it faster.

Another reason to…

In C, a static library is a file that contains multiple object files that can be used in the link phase of a program. This means that when we create an executable file, our library will be loaded in a said executable file, and during execution, it will only need to use the executable file to access the files of ours library.

The extension of these libraries is .a and they always start with lib

Why use them and How does it work?

The reason to use a static library is that by having our functions, variables and among other things that we previously added, it is easier…

To begin we must bear in mind that this script is divided into two partsgcc what is a command and main.c which is a file that contains the language C code we know that it is C language due to its extension .c .

GCC (GNU Compiler Collection)

As its name implies it is a collection of compilers and it supports several languages: C, C ++, Objective C, Chill, Fortran, Ada and Java.

It was produced by the GNU project and basically what it does is it takes the code that we understand and write and transforms it into the binary language that computers…

Hard link

Basically a hard link is a file that refers to the same content on disk as the original file.

basically if you run this command in your linux terminal it will show you all the files that end with a “.c” extension. let’s understand how it works

this command “ls *.c” has 3 parts

  1. ls
  2. .c
  3. *

the command “ls” is one of the most used in the terminal of linux since this allows us to see the content found in a folder or directory, to use it, simply type ls in your Linux terminal and press enter.

If the directory is not empty you will see something like this:

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